Litigation Law

Although always an option, litigation of disputes in the courts & in administrative forums, is always an expensive & time-consuming process.

But, when its time to attack, the KC Branch Firm uses its skills & experience to creatively & decisively manage litigation in a way that provides the client with efficient results & the opportunity to be highly involved in the dynamic litigation plan.

The KC Branch Firm constantly focuses on the vigilant use of legal research, injunctive relief; creative motions; trial & appeal, while at the same time being mindful of the potential for resolution through negotiation, mediation & other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

  • land use
  • insurance
  • contracts
  • bodily injury
  • construction
  • business torts
  • environmental
  • counterfeit goods
  • property damage
  • legal malpractice
  • international trade
  • professional obligations
  • mergers
  • acquisitions
  • dissolutions
  • labor
  • employment
  • wage & hour
  • intellectual property
  • trademarks
  • trade dress