The KC Branch Firm combines accessibility with diverse expertise. While emphasizing in food, wine, and spirits (and beer!) law, we're also skilled in risk managment, education, design, litigation, and business law.

Our commitment to accessibility sets us apart, driving transparent communication and quick responsiveness. Beyond our core emphasis, we offer guidance in education, design, litigation, and business, providing tailored solutions.

Food Wine & Spirits Law

At the heart of our approach lies a profound understanding of the intricate regulations governing alcoholic beverages. Our guidance ensures compliance within complex legal frameworks, offering insights to adeptly navigate industry-specific challenges.

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Wine Law

Whether embarking on a new venture in the wine business or having years of experience, our winelaw.net practice delivers advice and litigation skills, backed by extensive experience in winelaw and strong relationships with key figures both in and out of government.

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Risk Law

We are dedicated to mitigating risks associated with our clients' business methods by collaborating directly with third parties such as regulators, financiers, investors, and insurers. This ensures that our clients' risk management aligns seamlessly with their specific requirements.

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Litigation Law

While litigation remains an option, we acknowledge that disputes in courts and administrative forums can be both expensive and time-consuming. We explore alternative solutions to deliver effective and efficient outcomes such as negotiating resolutions that make economic sense.

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Business Law

Extending our expertise beyond the Food, Wine & Spirits Industry, we provide guidance to clients in various sectors, including consumer products, creative services, and software/tech.

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Design & Trademark law

In our design law practice, we concentrate on the legal framework governing the protection, enforcement, and management of the visual appearance and design of diverse products and creations. We safeguard the creative works of photographers, engineers, web developers, architects and artists, offering comprehensive legal services tailored to preserve the unique aesthetic elements crafted by designers and creators.

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Cannabis Law

Within our cannabis law practice, we offer guidance on cannabis cultivation and processing in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. With expertise in nationwide regulatory responses post-Prohibition, we provide unique insights into California's approach for both the medical and recreational marijuana sectors.

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Education Law

We provide specialized legal support as education lawyers for continuing education providers, offering strategic guidance on curriculums, license agreements, and compliance. Our expertise extends to accreditation, ensuring institutions meet required standards and proactively addressing legal challenges to enhance the educational experience.

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Sports Law

The KC Branch Firm provides comprehensive sports law services for athletes and sports businesses, including contract negotiations and dispute resolution. With a strong track record, including work for the Los Angeles Olympics, we're a trusted legal partner, particularly for businesses interested in alcoholic beverage sponsorship in the sports industry.

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International Law

The KC Branch Firm specializes in international legal support for clients in the food and beverage industry, offering services such as establishing global wine distribution chains and managing international trademarks. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is reflected in our impressive credentials and recognition within the legal community.

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