KC Branch
KC Branch


As a lawyer specializing in the wine and spirits industry, K. Christopher Branch has represented hundreds of suppliers, distributors and retailers (plus vendors and consultants) in the beverage alcohol industry from all over the world in his own practice.

When embarking on the journey to find a law firm to guide you through your legal matters, it becomes crucial to discover the individuals shaping the firm's direction. Recognizing the leaders is essential for making well-informed decisions that resonate with your unique needs. Under K Christopher Branch’s insightful leadership, the KC Branch Firm has fostered a reputation of significant esteem. A native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Loyola High School, USC, and Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, he adeptly and oversees business and litigation matters for clients across California and around the world.

With a deep commitment to acquiring comprehensive knowledge across diverse industries—from the realms of food, wine, and spirits to education, design, and architecture—KC has devoted himself to this mission. His profound expertise is evident in his passionate approach to these sectors, earning him widespread respect over the years.

The KC Branch Firm seamlessly intertwines accessibility with a diverse range of expertise. While specializing in food, wine, and spirits (and beer!) law, our proficiency extends to risk management, education, design, litigation, and business law.